“Kaga Yuzen”is one of the historical dyeing techniques for Kimono as a national costume of Japan. The history stems from 500 years before and “Kaga Yuzen”has been cultivated in the samurai culture of the region widely known as“Kaga Hyakumangoku”. In the long history, “Kaga Yuzen” have been established,developed and succeded to the present, with great envy and attractiveness for women.

Through the entire process of production,”Kaga Yuzen”always requires high quality techniques of designers,dyers and skillful workers.”The Kaga Yuzen Dyeing Cooperative” respects its tradition and we would like to succeed it in the future generations together with  wonderful cham of“Kaga Yuzen”.

The "Kaga Yuzen Nagashikan" located in our cooperatives is a facility which gives you an opportunity to find out entire making process of“Kaga Yuzen,following from "thread placement",Flush (Yuzen Nagashi) " up to "finishing".

In particular, "Yuzen Nagashi," is well known as representing “Kaga Yuzen” making process,which uses high quality groundwater and has a stable temperature and abundant amount of water throughout the year.

Finally, we would like to invite you to our online shop in this web site. In our online shop, you can find variety of “Kaga Yuzen” products made by our artists who are proven as the real professionals under traditional skilled techniques.

Let’s enjoy wonderful “Kaga Yuzen” and feel the spirit of artists and their professionalism!